When working with the traditional contracting industry, basic tasks like cleaning your grease trap or repairing a broken freezer can be drawn out into a lengthy and complicated process.

This is one of the core problems we’re looking to solve at ResQ; efficiency and accountability in the restaurant repair industry. Your customers deserve a prompt response when your equipment breaks down, and you as an owner/manager deserve the freedom to go about your day in a hassle-free manner.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Steve and Fred. Fred uses ResQ for his restaurant while Steve still operates in the traditional contractor sector. Follow along with these two illustrative examples to see a day in a life of Steve, and Fred.


Happy Pizza

Fred is happy.

Meet Fred, Fred owns a pizzeria.

Fred loves getting to know his customers everyday. One day, Fred comes to work and finds out his freezer isn’t running.

Fred does not worry. He opens up his ResQ app and with the press of a button, is able to place a service request to get his freezer fixed in no time. Fred is matched with a contractor in real time.

While Fred is waiting for his contractor to show up, he continues to serve his guests and focus on his daily tasks.

At the end of the day, Fred painlessly processes the invoice through the ResQ app. Be like Fred.


Sad Pizza

Steve is sad.

Meet Steve, Steve owns a pizzeria.

Steve loves getting to know his customers everyday. One day, Steve comes to work and finds out his freezer isn’t running.

Steve starts to worry. He opens up his contact list and starts searching for various contractors to help fix his freezer.

Steve is stressed waiting for a contractor to get back to him, and gets distracted from his guests and his daily tasks.

Steve is still waiting for his contractor to arrive and opens his contact list once more, to see if he can make new arrangements for a contractor to make it to the restaurant on time.

The contractor arrives, but the day is almost over and the restaurant has been held back by this inconveince.

At the end of the day, Steve goes through all of his invoices manually. Don’t be like Steve.

ResQ is an all in one app for restaurant repair trusted by leading brands. The mobile application allows restaurant owners and managers to place on demand service requests for restaurant equipment repair. Contractors are matched up with restaurants in real time, and invoicing is managed through the app in a pain-free process.