Ever wonder where those coffee cups with the bright yellow lids come from? Well from Jimmy’s Coffee of course!

On Jimmy’s website, they describe themselves as; “Talented baristas crafting irresistible coffee over authentic conversations. All set against the backdrop of cozy, eclectic cafes.” As we’ve gotten to know the Jimmy’s family, we couldn’t agree anymore.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Maloney (Director of Operations) and Lauren Saeeny (Food & Beverages Manager) of Jimmy’s Coffee, who gave us the run down of this booming business.

Tell us a little more about how the idea of Jimmy’s Coffee came about and how it has evolved?

“The right place at the right time, in the booming king west neighbourhood” 

Ryan: We opened up our doors on December of 2009 when our founder Phil Morrison bought his first location at 107 Portland St. As a previous bar owner who had yet to step into the cafe scene, Phil viewed Jimmy’s as a new venture in the hospitality industry moving towards the right place at the right time; the booming King West scene.

The yellow lids you know and love.

Why Jimmy’s?

“We like to keep it a little bit ambiguos so that everyone can kind of have their own interpretation”

Ryan:  Jimmy’s got their name from the owner, Phil, being a big rock and roll fan, who was inspired to name his coffee shop after Jimmy Carter. One of his friends stated that basing it off of one Jimmy was too specific, so he expanded it to other famous Jimmy’s, which explains all the images of Jimmy Hendricks, Jimmy Fallon, and any other Jimmy you can think off.

Jimmy’s doing what Jimmy’s does best, coffee.

What type of audience do you cater to and how do you differentiate yourselves vs the other upcoming cafes out there?

“I think we have a pretty eclectic mix, and it’s quite dependant on the neighbourhood”

Ryan: We wanted to make a place that you would want to go to, a comfortable unique space where eclectic people can come together. They are all about no judgements and being yourself, which adds to the chill ambience at every Jimmy’s Coffee shop you would enter. Take for example the Portland location which has a more “established startup, casual business feel” where Gerrard is a bit more formal with doctor and lawyers, and Kensigton has more of an “artsy” feel.

Lauren: “you can get 5 minutes of fun for your day, and 8 hours of fun for the staff”.

What is your long-term vision? Do you plan on having a location in every neighbourhood in Toronto or is it more of a few locations on an exclusive basis?

“We’re pretty adamant that we won’t ever franchise” 

Ryan: It’s very important to us that we maintain the atmosphere that we want. Jimmy’s currently has six locations and plans on opening two more stores this year, one in Etobicoke, and a unique expansion across from their original 107 Portland location. We have no intention to franchise and we feel it’s important to keep strong control over what the Jimmy’s entity is. We have a short term goal to open up 10 shops in total.

Would you recommend ResQ to other restaurants?

“Absolutely. It’s more empowering for managers or staff to action, a much quicker way to get a repair response” 

Ryan: Jimmy’s has been using ResQ as a means for streamlining the restaurant maintenance process. Using the ResQ app we have been able to take away the pain point of finding a contractor. We have been able to track payments better, since were using independent contractors prior too, which involved a lot of guess work. Using the app has given us a quicker response rate from previous contractors.

Lauren: “it’s more empowering for the manager and staff to take action”

ResQ team member Amrita (middle), visiting Jimmy’s Coffee.

If you ever need a good place to warm up on a rainy day, or catch up with friends, Jimmy’s Coffee is the perfect place to come together.

Each month we’ll be taking a look at a member of the ResQ collective and taking about their impact on the hospitality scene. Please contact us if you would like to be featured in the next set of articles.

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Jimmy's ResQ