The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, you know what that calls for? Spring Cleaning! It’s time to prepare your restaurant for the upcoming patio season, the changes in the menu, and the rush of people coming in to your restaurant on a nice spring day.

As a friendly reminder, here are some cleaning tasks you may want to put on your radar for this season.

In the Kitchen:

  • Clean freezers, fridges, ice and speciality beverage machines
  • Clean ovens and calibrate thermometers
  • Scrub away all the grease that has been built up on and behind the hotline (oven, fryers, griddles, grills, etc.) This will not only keep your restaurant clean, but also safe since this can be a fire hazard
  • Clean the pilot lights on your gas kitchen equipment
  • Clean out any grease traps and floor drains which can be a breeding place for fruit flies and pests
  • Steam clean the floors and get the grime out from in-between the tiles out
  • Show some love to the hoods and the ducts taking away the some and the grease
  • Check your fire extinguishers

In the Dining Area:

Wash any cushions and/or furniture used for your patio (if you have one)

  • Send all your linens, curtains, and carpets to a dry cleaning service and get a fresh and clean look
  • Repair any minor broken furniture, such as wobbly tables, or stains on chairs
  • Switch over to LED lighting to save the environment and on your energy bill
  • Clean up your décor and lighting. Perhaps, consider switching up the wintery garlands for some fresh flowers

In the Restroom

  • Deep clean, everything.
  • Fix any leaking pipes, or overflowing toilets
  • Install urinal and toilet drips to ensure that lines are flowing smoothly
  • Repair any broken stall doors

General Facility Maintenance

  • Make sure the potholes in your driveways are filled
  • Schedule a deep clean of your facility

Learn more about how ResQ can help you with your spring cleaning needs. Send a service request through the ResQ app, or contact us today via phone 1-844-737-7349!

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