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Hassle-free restaurant repair

Save Time

Stop scrambling, let us manage all of your maintenance needs.

Save Money

Preferred pricing with the best repair experts you can hope for.

Handled by Experts

Exclusive network of certified contractors across all services.

ResQ mobile app

Schedule and manage all your jobs with a few taps.

Manage all your repairs across all your locations under one app.

Track how your equipment and facilities are performing over time.

 Consolidated invoices and digital payments.

How it works?

Place an on-demand or recurring job through the app in just a few taps.

ResQ will find you the most qualified nearby expert at the best rate possible.

Track the job progress and communicate with the ResQ expert in real-time.

Job completed with digital invoicing and payments for an effortless experience.


Equipment Repair
Food and beverage equipment.
Plumbing Services
Sinks, toilets, faucets, leaks, clogs.
Handyman Services
Flooring, door/window, painting, locksmith.
Wiring, lighting, electrical panels.
Freezers, coolers, heating, air conditioning.
Preventative Maintenance
Waste management, pest control, HVAC/Refrigeration, cleaning, grease traps.

Head-ache free experience

Did you ever imagine restaurant maintenance could be headache free? Well, see what our customers are saying.
Ellia Andrawis
Franchise General Manager, Tim Hortons
Instead of calling a plumber, and that plumber being busy we call ResQ. Managers love it, it's headache free.
Reanna Fisher
Co-Owner, Campechano
We're super excited about the possibility of having all of our contractor nightmares addressed by someone else.
Christian Fontolon
Executive Chef, Oretta
It's very straight forward and there are great rates. You can actually talk to someone at any given point, there is a conversation and a communication with the maintenance team. I would suggest ResQ to anybody.
Rick Murray
Franchise Owner, Tim Hortons
We didn't know who to call, we were scrambling every time something went wrong. The beauty with ResQ is that it's a one stop shop and the repair is completed in a timely, cost effective manner.
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